Pluot Plum 8 oz

Note: Pluot plums come in many colors. The current batch is ruby red, unlike the picture which was a golden hued pluot, but just as delicious! This floral-fragrant, juicy plum is a recent arrival in the world of stone fruit. Cross-bread naturally over many years by hand-pollination, the Pluot is a combination of Plum and Apricot and offers the best of both worlds. Vibrant with a fruity taste and a luxuriously rich texture, this jam offers just the right balance of sweet and tart to which we add a pinch of warm spices. This comforting and festive jam is just the perfect spread for a cozy breakfast, or a healthy snack, stirred into plain yogurt, or a dollop on a fresh apple. Great with crackers, soft cheeses and red wine.

INGREDIENTS: Pluot Plum, Pure Cane Sugar, Lemon Juice, Spices.

Type: Jams